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initializing a shadow set member

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Kevin Carter_3
Frequent Advisor

initializing a shadow set member

I just replaced one member of a 2 disk shadow set, due to a disk crash. The original disks were initialized with a command similar to the following:

$ init $1$dga3: /cluster=128/nohigh/header=64000/owner=system oradata

My question is: does the replacement disk need to be initialized with the /cluster=128/nohigh/header=64000 parameters or will it copy these parameters from the existing shadow set member?

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: initializing a shadow set member


you do not neeed to INIT the new shadowset member at all. OpenVMS Volume Shadowing will make sure through a shadow-copy to the new member, that all disk blocks will be identical to the other member.

It may be considered good prative, to just INIT the new member with a scratch label and mount it privately once, to make sure it is o.k. and can be written to, before trying to mount it into an existing shadowset.

Michael Moroney
Frequent Advisor

Re: initializing a shadow set member

As long as you don't use the "/VERIFY=LABEL" qualifier on the MOUNT command, there is no need to initialize the disk. If you do (and there is no need if this is a one-time MOUNT to add it the first time), it needs to have a label "SCRATCH_DISK".

(The documentation isn't clear to me whether it must be "SCRATCH_DISK" or if a label identical to the existing shadowset is also acceptable)
Kevin Carter_3
Frequent Advisor

Re: initializing a shadow set member

The question was answered by responses from the forum. Thanks