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install remove question

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install remove question

Dear VMS Users,

I have a question on install remove (or install delete), or put it precisely: how to delete an image. For example, I used this command to find that there are 2 images

yldevlpipe install list /global | search sys$input yl
YLDEVL1_X$000 (00000000) WRT DZRO PRM GRP =000123 Pgltcnt/Refcnt=6256/0
YLDEVL1 (00000000) WRT DZRO PRM GRP =000123 Pgltcnt/Refcnt=128/0

And I want to delete them. Could you show me how to do it?


Jess Goodman
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Re: install remove question

These do not look like images. I think they are permanent group global sections. They were probably created by an application with the SYS$CRMPSC system service, or one of the *_64_ (bit) alternate services.

You would normally delete them with the SYS$DGBLSC service.

Could you please find some time to assign points to those who took the time to post answers to some of your questions.
I have one, but it's personal.
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Re: install remove question

Ye Liu, please describe what you are doing, and particularly why you are using the particular approach. Background information helps with these sorts of questions. For instance, what application created this section? (One of yours?)

As was mentioned in a previous reply -- and based on the presence of the GRP flag in that list of section flags -- this is a group global section. You cannot delete this section with the INSTALL utility.

It might be confusing, but INSTALL installs images, and the underpinnings of installed images are built on OpenVMS global (shared) memory sections. Applications, too, can create (shared) global sections, and INSTALL can (when asked) display these sections. But INSTALL typically only manages images and image sections.

You'll need to find and use a site-specific and application-specific tool to remove this particular (permanent) section, create a tool that removes the section, or (the brute-force solution) reboot the system.

Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: install remove question

As the others replied, it is abotu 3MB of application provided group share global data section.
INSTALL can show them, but not manipulated them.
That's up to an application module.

>> And I want to delete them.

For now it just sits there, unmapped, idle, possibly paged out, eating no bread.

For a self pronounced 'newbie', you are best advised to leave well-enough alone.
( http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1235726 :-)

Now if there is really is a reason why you believe this section should be deleted other then 'looks', then please try to explain that, articulate that here.
Why/When was it created? How/When was it supposed to have been cleaned up?
Typically while properly explaining the why, the how becomes obvious. :-).

Good luck,
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Re: install remove question

I contact VMS admin to get it removed.

FYI: if you can show me how to assign points to replier, I will be more than happy to do so.
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Re: install remove question

If you click on
"assign points" 'or "submit points" (I do not remember), near the submit button,
you have the option to put 0 to 10 points to each reply.