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java142 in IA64

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java142 in IA64

After I installed java142 in IA64(Version 8.2-1),I got these messages:
$ java
%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=00, virtual address=000000000000
0454, PC=00000000002975D0, PS=0000001B
%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows
image module routine line rel PC abs PC

JAVA$HOTSPOT_SHR IA64_SPECS ia64_get_issue_port
9950 0000000000000060 00000000002975D0
JAVA$HOTSPOT_SHR IPACK ipack_generate_nop_bits
22580 0000000000000EA0 0000000000298C00
JAVA$HOTSPOT_SHR TL_HS ipack_init_nops
22215 0000000000000C10 00000000002A2220
JAVA$HOTSPOT_SHR TL_HS tl_ipack_hs_start
21942 0000000000000550 00000000002A1B60
JAVA$HOTSPOT_SHR 0 000000000060E070 000000000067E070
JAVA$HOTSPOT_SHR 0 0000000000724770 0000000000794770
JAVA$HOTSPOT_SHR 0 00000000008FBAC0 000000000096BAC0
JAVA$HOTSPOT_SHR 0 0000000000F9DDD0 000000000100DDD0
JAVA$HOTSPOT_SHR 0 0000000000A5AC00 0000000000ACAC00
JAVA$JAVA JAVA Java$main_Jacket 11247 0000000000002850 0000000000032850
JAVA$JAVA MAIN_JACKET main 44563 0000000000000340 0000000000046990
JAVA$JAVA MAIN_JACKET __main 44521 0000000000000100 0000000000046750
PTHREAD$RTL THD_THREAD thdBase 242530 0000000000005CC0 FFFFFFFF84549850
PTHREAD$RTL THD_INIT pthread_main 242311 00000000000006C0 FFFFFFFF845006C0
DCL 0 000000000006AE90 000000007AE0AE90
%TRACE-I-END, end of TRACE stack dump

What's the trouble?

Honored Contributor

Re: java142 in IA64

You'll need to ensure all of the mandatory ECO kits installed, including the PTHREADS and TCP/IP ECO kits.

Java is sensitive to a minimal set of ECO kits.

Get the master list text file from the following, and load all mandatory ECOs for OpenVMS I64 V8.2-1, and load the TCP/IP kit. The master list and the ECOs are all in the following area:

ftp://ftp.itrc.hp.com/openvms_patches/ ...

The Java information on ECOs is here:



This particular stackdump is an access violation (an ACCVIO, and what Unix can call a bus error and Windows a GPF), and followed by a listing of the whole calling sequence leading up to the error. This should not happen in a product. (Details on debugging an ACCVIO in your own code are available starting from HELP/MESSAGE ACCVIO.)

In a released product, this sort of misbehavior usually means either a missing ECO or other critical fix (either for the product, or for something it depends on), a poorly-handled configuration or quota or system parameter error, or it can mean an error in the product itself.


I'd also look to get to OpenVMS I64 V8.3 and to Java 5.0, when that can be reasonably managed in your environment.


Re: java142 in IA64