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moving OpenVMS servers into new domain

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David Hunt_3
Occasional Contributor

moving OpenVMS servers into new domain

We currently have 4 Dec Alpha machines running openVMS ver 7.3.x. One of these machines runs Pathworks that all of the end users authenticate to get onto the network.

We have setup a new Windows Active Directory domain and would like to move these servers over to this domain.

When these servers move over to this Windows domain, they WILL NOT be performing any user authentication. They would only be member servers.

Not being an OpenVMS administrator, where in VMS do we go to change the domain membership information?

Please help
David Hunt
Doug Phillips
Trusted Contributor

Re: moving OpenVMS servers into new domain

The documentation is on-line here for Advanced Server for OpenVMS (which is probably what you have):


And, it's here for PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Advanced Server) which is what you could have:


How you do what you're asking depends on what version of which software you're actually running.

Don't take this wrong, but if you have 4 OpenVMS Alphas on the network, and no one around who understands how they work, don't you find that just amazing? (rhetorical question;-)

Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: moving OpenVMS servers into new domain


pls. check if you have the newest Eco's installed, Pathworks is V6.1 and AdvancedServer is V7.3A-Eco4.

If an upgrade is done, the mandatory call to PWRK$CONFIG will allow to change also domain membership ...

Otherwise you have to:
- @sys$manager:pwrk$define_commands
- pwstop ! stop pathworks
- setini ! allows changing domain ...
- may be a ADMIN/CONFIG to change WINS, transports, chache...
- pwstart

But: ich you just change domain membership you loose all share defnitions...
Either you have a nice DCL routine to recreate all shares... (we do have one) or look for discussions on how to rename/save your definitions and to restore them afterwards.

mfg Kalle