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openvms GUI

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openvms GUI

How to get the OPENVMS GUI in windows systems (Xp or windows 2003).

i have X-Deep/32 version 4.6.5 software, using this tool how can i get the GUI screen of OPENVMS? what are all service i need to start and what are all the patches i need to install in openvms system ..

I am using OPENVMS 7.3-2
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Re: openvms GUI

The most widespread OpenVMS graphical user interface is known as DECwindows, and DECwindows is an X Windows implementation.

You should be able to set up remote displays to an X Server such as X-Deep/32 running on Windows.

You'll need to have the DECwindows software installed on the OpenVMS host. This software is on the distro kit. You'll also need a DW-MOTIF license PAK.

As for ECOs for DECwindows or OpenVMS, those are version-specific. Start here:

In the ECO directory for your version and your architecture, you'll find a list of mandatory patches in a text file.

I've previously posted up basic sequence for remote X Windows displays via Mac OS X ssh at (Mac OS ships with an X Windows environment.)

The host end of the connection is the same. What you might need to do in X-Deep/32, I don't know. HP generally sells its PATHWORKS32 client, a Windows package which includes eXcursion X Windows server and other features of interest to OpenVMS sites.

This is a very quick synoposis -- this is a large topic area, with many variations and potential configuration weirdnesses.

I'd tend to recommend a trip through the DECwindows manuals, as well, as they can answer various of the common questions. HP has its OpenVMS and DECwindows manuals posted at

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Re: openvms GUI

k .thanks for your response..

i go through the docs..

thanks a lot