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openvms cluster

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openvms cluster

Hi all,

How to form a lan-cluster between ALPHA and ITANIUM nodes.

What are basic configurations needs to prepare.

With regards,
Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: openvms cluster

Your first step should be to carefully read the guide to cluster configuration:


In particular, section 4.11 deals with LAN interconnects.

If you want further advice, please let us know what OpenVMS versions would be involved, and what adapters you would be using.
Akila B.
Occasional Visitor

Re: openvms cluster

It is imple.

1. Have the nodes on the same LAN (or VLAN).
2. Execute the command procedure @SYS$COMMON:[SYSMGR]CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN.COM on both the nodes.
3. Provide inputs like the scssystemid ( based on the Decnet address), cluster group number/password etc..
4. The cluster group number and password should be unique for each cluster. This authorization enables us to have more than one cluster in the same LAN.

Please refer to the document "Guidelines for OpenVMSCluster Configurations" for more information like high availability setup.

The Brit
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Re: openvms cluster

Obvious comment: You will need separate system disks for the two architectures!

Important implication: If you want to share common cluster files, i.e. SYSUAF, RIGHTSLIST, QUEUE DB, etc. you need to be sure that these files are available on a common disk, and that the logical names are set appropriately in SYLOGICALS.COM

Richard W Hunt
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Re: openvms cluster

You also should, just as a precaution, verify that your NISCS_x SYSGEN parameters are set up correctly to allow the network interconnect to automagically load at reboot.
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