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oracle rdb problem

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oracle rdb problem

sql> att 'f db';

select xxxx,yyyy from table limit to 2 rows;

aaaa bbb
89610300000400000011 z.Ù.-ÃØÇV=.§o´.Ò
89610300000400000029 .Hm.Xo.y¥Ïû.ÙM.´

i have selected the data inbuilt function called oz_decode_bbb

now check the details

SQL> select aaaa,oz_decode_bbb(bbb) from table limit to 2 rows;

89610300000400000011 7A95D9992DC3D8C7563D8EA76FB49CD2
89610300000400000029 95486DA0586F9F79A5CFFB99D94D88B4
2 rows selected

my question:


when i do rmu/unload this table encripted colu,mn is showling blank.. is there any otherway encripted column to do rmu/unload





Re: oracle rdb problem

[I had this reply sitting in a buffer for several days, as authentication seemed to fail. This was apparently due to a javascript issue and Chrome]

This question appears to be 100% Oracle, no OpenVMS or HP dependency, other then it being the executing platfor of course.

I would recommend you seek out support in an Oracle based forum, or perhaps through an Oracle RDB usergroup.

Check with JCC.COM , they run an email group for RDB : oraclerdb@jcc.com
Good luck,