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Re: problem connecting MSA1000

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problem connecting MSA1000

Hi all,


I'm trying to connect a MSA100 with integrated san-switch to my RX4640 running OpenVMS 8.4.


Up to now without sucess. I suspect the san-switch, because when I login to the switch using telnet only a limited number of commands seem to work. Other commands hang up the telnet session.

amongst the commands that do not work are




    configshow (gives the first screen and hangs before the second screen)

So I do not get any information on the port-status.


From the RX4640 I see no trace of any of the disks in the MSA1000, all configured in the correct way for OpenVMS, using the CLI-interface of the MSA1000.


Any idea what can be wrong?



Another idea of me was to use an external switch and the normal FC-interface that is installed in the second slot at the back of the MSA1000. However this port seems not to give any light, while an amber light is blinking at the right side of it (no other leds light up). Is this port not configured? How can it been enabled?



Jur van der Burg
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Re: problem connecting MSA1000



I have no idea about the hanging telnet, but did you setup an identifier for the luns?

For example, set unit_id 1 123 (to give lun 1 unit 123).


I would check the status via the serial console.




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Re: problem connecting MSA1000

Yes, I did setup the luns, but the problem seems to be that I do not have a connection from my rx4640 to the conteroler of the msa100 box.

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Re: problem connecting MSA1000

I repaced the internal switch by the singleoptical output unit and an external switch and now my rx4640 shows up in the controler of the MS1000 when giving the command "show connections".

So the prblem was indeed the internal switch.


For the future : what can be wrong with the switch?

                           Is it possible that some settings went wrong (by the previous owner)?

                           How to reset the switch to "factory settings"?