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problem in connecting via decnet

Sanjoy Paul

problem in connecting via decnet

Hi ,

I am facing problem to set host to another VMS machine or even a DEMSB in the network , when I am giving a command
$set host or
$ set host
it immediately says "remote nore is currently not reachable"

But, when I am doing
$ set host 0 or
$set host ,
it is working .

OS version 6.2 1H3

What could be the probable reason , please advice.

Best regards,
Robert Gezelter
Honored Contributor

Re: problem in connecting via decnet


If SET HOST 0 works, some of the possible causes of the symptoms reported in your post include:

- incorrect license loaded (SET HOST 0 does not require a license)
- cabling or interface problems.

More information is needed. The problem can also be the result of a problem within the network but outside of your local machine.

Can you reach any node besides the local one? Are the correct licenses loaded?

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
Wim Van den Wyngaert
Honored Contributor

Re: problem in connecting via decnet

What are the decnet addresses you use (x.y) ?
What version of decnet (4 or 5) ?
Which transport (NSP/OSI) ?

Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: problem in connecting via decnet


it is just what the message says: the remote node is not currently reachable.

Has this worked before, or is this a new connection?

Since you CAN set host 0, your own DECNET is up and running.

That leaves as possible causes:
hardware not connected
Hardware malfunctioning
DECnet not running on remode node (may be even entire node down)
Or, depending on network configuration, DECnet routing disabled or misconfigured.

As a start, log in to remote node and do a SET HOST 0 there, to check node & DECnet up & running.

If you also have IP on those systems, try IP connectivity to find hardware or physical connection problems.

If those are OK, report back, and we can start focussing on the DECnet connection itself.


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Sanjoy Paul

Re: problem in connecting via decnet

Hi ,
I can't even do
$set h/dup HNRX01 (it is a DEMSB which is in the same network and boots from this machine only ) Decnet addr. of this machine is 3.4
decnet addr. of the DEMSB is 3.5
Decnet version : DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS Version V6.3-ECO10

Colin Butcher
Esteemed Contributor

Re: problem in connecting via decnet


It could be a lot of things.

Are all the network components in the path between your node and the DEMSB working?

What (if anything) has been changed recently?

You must have an adjacent router to give you the "node unreachable" message. So, what adjacencies can you see over the DECnet routing circuits on you node? What adjacencies can the router see?

Can you reach any other DECnet node, including the router?

If the nodes are there, but unreachable, then it's probably that your node's license has failed to load (e.g. a DSPP PAK has expired).

Can you reach the nodes with a different protocol, e.g. TCP/IP? If so then it's probably not the physical path.

Have your network group disabled DECnet routing on the WAN (if you're using a WAN)?

Have your network group changed your VLAN to an IP only VLAN?

There are many possibilities. Without looking at it directly it is very difficult to guess what might have happened.

You might find this useful for some of the DECnet background: http://www.downloads.xdelta.co.uk/vmstjv5%20feb2005/decnet%20article%20vms%20tj%20v5%20feb2005.pdf

Cheers, Colin (http://www.xdelta.co.uk).
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Re: problem in connecting via decnet

Can you ping the remote host or do a set host/telnet?

You need to rule out connectivity as the issue before looking at whether decnet is at fault somehow.

B Claremont
Frequent Advisor

Re: problem in connecting via decnet

Posting the results of the following commands may be helpful:

Honored Contributor

Re: problem in connecting via decnet

When did this last work? Has anything changed recently with your network? Your site was looking at replacing DECnet and X.25 with IP, based on earlier questions. Did that transition occur?

As for more general questions that could be triggers for this (mis)behavior, is the network controller configured and connected to the Ethernet network?

Is the (I'm guessing) IP infrastructure set to pass DECnet? Or is your DEMSB still connecting to X.25?

Is the system licensed for DECnet? (One of the DVNETEND, DVNETEXT, or DVNETRTG license PAKs, or one of the NET-APP-SUP* license PAKs.) If this is an existing box, probably "yes" -- but no license PAK or an expired PAK is a common trigger for DECnet failures such as described.

Are there any DECnet network adjacencies? (SHOW NETWORK at DCL might give a little more detail.)

You're already working to replace the DEMSB, apparently.

As others have indicated, more detail and more information is required.
Anton van Ruitenbeek
Trusted Contributor

Re: problem in connecting via decnet


Most of the questions are in prior messages. But what is your SCSID. It this corresponding with the DECNet adress ?
(x.y => x*1024+y )

In addition to Mark: SET HOST/TELNET is only working with DECNet OSI and DECNet over IP is set on. Correct me if I'm wrong but for 6.2-1H3 was only a EAK for DECNet over IP (not realy for production).

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Sanjoy Paul

Re: problem in connecting via decnet

The router to which the node is connected is not Decnet configured . The network team will establish the decnet tunneling . So , Will update once it is done ... Regards Sanjoy
Sanjoy Paul

Re: problem in connecting via decnet

Hi everyone ,
The problem has been resolved . There was no problem with the Openvms as such . The router , to which the machine is connect has been configured for Decnet tunneling with the other side router . Now , I can connect to the machine which is at the other network.

Thanks everyone ............ Sanjoy