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restore file in the backup tape

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restore file in the backup tape

We using Vms 7.3-2 and need to restore
this file “DSA11:[V500.DB_PROD.ARC]ARCH0002_0000001353.ARC”. This file located on our backup tape. We using HP Super DLT and the device is MSL 5000.How can i look into the directory and restore specific file name?
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Re: restore file in the backup tape


the answer depends on which backup software you are using to back up your disks.

If you are using straight OpenVMS BACKUP utility, you first need to find and load the correct tape, then use $ BACKUP/LIS :
Once found, you can restore that file with:


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Re: restore file in the backup tape


We using direct backup using VMS. This our script â @cer_proc:hot_backup PROD TAPE $2$MGA0: ALL=Y "" 5 â . I confuse in save set?
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Re: restore file in the backup tape


so for you can substitue $2$MGA0: in my example BACKUP command given above.

Data written to tape by BACKUP is stored in savesets on the tape. If there is only one such saveset on the tape, you do not need to specify the saveset name.

Find out what's on the tape - after you have loaded the correct tape in the MSL 5000 - with


If you suspect, that there are multiple savesets on that tape, you can also try:

$ DIR $2$MGA0:*.*/SIZ/DATE

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Re: restore file in the backup tape

hi megat,

1st, identify how many tape drive you have in your system.

$ show dev mk

If the above command show more than 1, then identify which is SDLT by type the following command:
(assuming mkb400 and mkc300)

$ sho dev/full mkb400
$ sho dev/full mkc300

You will notice the desc of the tape drives.

When you have identify which is SDLT tape drive, mount the tape and wait until the tape drive is in ready mode. I think you can see this from MSL library LED screen.

If you don't know the saveset and tape label, identify it.If you already know, you can skip this step and proceed to restore step below
$ backup/list/rewind mkc300:*.*

This will show you saveset name,tape label and even the command you use to backup.
Caution: it may produce a long list depending what you backup previously.

Once you know this, you can proceed to restore.
Assume :
1) saveset name - tape.bck
2) tape label=12mar
3) command use: backup dsa11:[000000...]*.*;* mkc300:tape.bck /saveset/rewind/label=tape

Restore to different directory
$ backup/rewind mkc300:tape.bck /select=[V500.DB_PROD.ARC]ARCH0002_0000001353.ARC dsa11:[otherdir]

Good luck!

really appreciate if you could assign some points if this answer your questions. Thanks!
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Re: restore file in the backup tape

sorry, in my example, my tape label should be tape and not 12mar.