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retrive back $2$GGA1

megat razizul
Occasional Advisor

retrive back $2$GGA1

I have difficult to retrieve back messing device who I don’t know how to troubleshoot. We have 2 backup device (MSL 5000 and MSL 6000). On MSL5000 know as $2$GGA0 as robotic SCSI. For MSL 6000 control by $2$GGA1 robotic SCSI. Previously its working fine. After we facing power trip (power down) , I restart back the vms and found missing device in $2$GGA1. The error massage as bellow.

HSIBD2::D_PROD:> sh dev $2$gga1
%SYSTEM-W-NOSUCHDEV, no such device available

HSIBD2::D_PROD:> sh dev gg

Device Device Error
Name Status Count
$2$GGA0: Online 0

The system only found $2$GGA0 as a device and messing $2$GGA1. We currently running on vms 7.3-2. In windows platform this backup are running well. How we can retrieve back this device. Thanks
Honored Contributor

Re: retrive back $2$GGA1

Follow the instalation and configuration steps for the MSL 6000; this should manifest the GGA loader device for you.

You need to have the device configured correctly for the management LUN, and there are steps for OpenVMS itself. There are various places where a configuration problem can lurk here.

On the OpenVMS end, it's usually a one-shot of:


The first is a one-shot command and goes rummaging around the FC SAN and builds the devices database file. The second then manifests the devices.

Subsequent reboots use the devices database file within the automatic boot-time autoconfiguration process to manifest the FC SAN devices.

There are equivalent configuration steps out on the MSL; see the installation documentation for that widget.

Wim Van den Wyngaert
Honored Contributor

Re: retrive back $2$GGA1

We never had power trips but may be the VMS node rebooted before the rest. If posible, try a reboot.

Robert Atkinson
Respected Contributor

Re: retrive back $2$GGA1

My guess is that the Fiber Router (NSR1200?) rebooted itself before the library completed it's boot.

You will have to reboot the router, then run a SYSMAN IO AUTO /SELECT=GGA*, which you _should_ be able to do while the system is operational, as long as you're not accessing the drives.

At the very least, you could log onto the router and check to see if it can see the tape robot. Through the web GUI Report screen, it should look something like this :-

Virtual Devices

Type State Map Cnt LUN ID Device Description Serial No.
CTLR UP 1 0 HP NS E1200-320