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rms file

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rms file

Hi all,
I'm new to the openvms world and I need some help about rms file and gembase , i'll be grateful and thx in advance.

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Re: rms file

Hello Ziad,
RMS means Record Management System and it's the VMS service to manage record of files of computer.
The file format acknoledges by vms is more variuos than other os. In vms you can create and modify text,indexed/isam files directly by shell; text files may be usually text with CR and LF at end of line or other types of formatting.
I believe you have to read documentation about this feature for more information.
You can also type help for CREATE, OPEN, READ, WRITE commands; see also EDIT/FDL.

There is too much stuff to explain in this message.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti
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Re: rms file

Gembase is not the best tool I know...
It is only with gembase that I have seen a process opening 16 times the same file, and of course, a lot of processes do it...

See the tools provided by Hein van Den heuvel in the freeware, rms_stats and rms_tune.

the problem with gembase is that you often deal with huge files, so that means correct keys and regular converts, if you want to avoid very bad response times.