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sessions with noconnection anymore

Jeroen Hartgers_3
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sessions with noconnection anymore

since we upgrade from ds10 openvvms 7.2-2 to es45 7.3-2 a few weeks ago. We have disconnected sessions witch are have not the disconnected status.

When there are network problems the pc's with powerterm are still running an after a few seconds powerterm lost his connection. How ever the user processes on the vms server are apering stil connected

process _TNA1727: 0008DCC1 TNA1727:
(Host: nodename.dom1.dom2 Port: 1173)

if i try to connect the terminal with
$ connect snode$TNA1727: /continue
i get answer
%DCL-E-NOTDISCON, terminal is not disconnectable - explicitly specify LOGOUT

so i try
$ connect/logout Snode$TNA1727:
%SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM, invalid device name

the only thing rest is to stop the user process by hand. but that not the nicest way

is there a timeout param to manage this?

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Re: sessions with noconnection anymore

The following looks to a similar question:


The DISCONNECT and CONNECT commands only works with terminals that are marked as virtual, and enabling and using that with TNAu: devices (telnet-based terminals) is also over in that thread.