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set host problem

wong seng guan
Frequent Advisor

set host problem

Hi gentleman,

$ set host cp01

%REM-F-NETERR, DECnet channel error on remote terminal link
%SYSTEM-F-LINKABORT, network partner aborted logical link

1)what the problem above, i can typed set host to access other node (CP01).
2) how to set the host name?
3) how to set the DECnet address?
4) please guide me step by step to solve the problem because im new to this openvms

CP01/CPPHL> sh network

Product: DECNET Node: CP01 Address(es): 17.11
Product: TCP/IP Node: CP01.RUF.PCSO.GOV.PH Address(es):

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: set host problem


to find out the version of DECnet in use try NCP SHOW EXE.

If the Executor Identification is 'DECnet for OpenVMS', you can use NCP for further management and troubleshooting.

If it's 'DECnet-OSI for OpenVMS', you need to use NCL, @NET$CONFIGURE and DECNET_REGISTER for network management.

Is this a new system ? Has DECnet been configured correctly ? When/how did this problem show up ?

Regular Advisor

Re: set host problem

Hello Wong


Before setting anything, lets see what you've got...

The command ...
$MC NCP SHO EXEC will tell us the DEcnet version and phase.

The "remote terminal link" comment, points us to a "remote DECnet area". What communcation connections do you have between the two nodes in question?
Is there a Serial line (RS232 cable), direct or via modem, connected anywhere?

Are there any DECnet error messages appearing on the VMS console?