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set host

i cant seem to "set host" to one of my remote node. its using decnet protocol.
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Re: set host

its broadcast the follwing message.

"decnet event 4.7, circuit down,circuit fault from node 4.4 penwb4"

Steven Schweda
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Re: set host

> [...] to one of my remote node.

Perhaps you know which node is the local one
and which one is the remote one, but my
psychic powers are too weak to tell me.

> [...] circuit fault from node 4.4 penwb4"

I'll assume that "4.4 penwb4" is one or the

Sounds like a network problem, doesn't it?
Have you looked at the hardware?
Steve Reece_3
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Re: set host


There's lots of information that may help you to some the problem.
First, as Steven suggests above, which node is 4.4? Is that the local node or the remote node? I suspect it's the remote node since you appear to be able to set host to other systems.

Is the remote system on the same LAN as the local one? If not, is there a DECnet router between the two LANs?

Which version of VMS are you running?

Do other networking protocols work to the remote system? For example, can you do a SET HOST/LAT to the remote system? (you may need to enable outgoing LAT connections which needs MC LATCP SET NODE/CONNECTIONS=BOTH ) If you can't do that either then it means that there's either a hardware problem on the remote box (e.g. the network cable is broken, the network ports are broken, the switch port that it's plugged into is broken) or there's a software issue or, finally, that the two systems are on different LANs.

Can any of the other systems that you've been able to SET HOST to do a SET HOST 4.4 successfully? what happens if you try DIR 4.4:: ?

Markus Waldorf_1
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Re: set host

There could be a lot of problems. What was changed since the last time it was working? If someone installed a new Network Switch I would check that port auto-negotiaton vs. fixed settings are set accordingly. Could it be firwall or protocol filtering?

Otherwise, can you do a set host to the machine itself from both nodes?

What does the follwing show:

$ mc ncp sho known lines
-> it should the ethernet card(s) used for communication, with state on

$ mc ncp sho known circ
-> same as above?

$ mc ncp show node hostname char
-> "hostname" is the name of the remote host you want to connect to. This command will show you the circuit used and network harddware address "set host" will use to conenct to it.

Can you connect using tcpip? you can try @SYS$MANAGER:TCPIP$DEFINE_COMMANDS.COM
$arp -a
does the hardware address match?

Best Regards,

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Re: set host

thanks mr steve reece, with u reply i was able to troubleshoot and thanks mr markus, since with ur reply i was able to find a solution.

the cable form the switch was not plugged into the right network port of the remote node.

after changing it to the right network port it was working fine.

thanks everyone for helping me out