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setup network on Openwms 8.3 Integrity

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setup network on Openwms 8.3 Integrity

I need to setup network on my integrity Openwms 8.3 to be able to remotely connect to integrity via telnet. please explain how I have to setup ip to be visible from local net

thank you in advance

P.S. (DecNet installed )

Shriniketan Bhagwat
Trusted Contributor

Re: setup network on Openwms 8.3 Integrity


Please refer the below document for configuring the telnet.


Refer the below link for documentation on TCP/IP services for VMS.


Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: setup network on Openwms 8.3 Integrity

Check the doc, or just give it a go at first.


Setup core and client+server serivces TELNET.
You probably want to enable the DTP service also.

If you are just telnetting to the box, there is no need for route/bind/ntp and other trimmings.

You already have DECnet going, but be aware of a surprise to some is that you always have to start decnet before $startup:tcpip$startup.
(because DECnet fudges the MAC address).

Good luck,
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: setup network on Openwms 8.3 Integrity

Log in to your System, (use console if necessary)

Step 1: Check for Network interfaces

$ show dev ew (should give something like)

Device Device Error
Name Status Count
EWA0: Online 0
EWB0: Online 0

$ show dev ewa/full

Device EWA0:, device type BCM5704, is online, network device, error logging is
enabled, device is a template only.

Error count 0 Operations completed 0
Owner process "" Owner UIC [SYSTEM]
Owner process ID 00000000 Dev Prot S:RWPL,O:RWPL,G,W
Reference count 0 Default buffer size 512
Current preferred CPU Id 0 Fastpath 1
Current Interrupt CPU Id 0

Operating characteristics: Link up, Full duplex.

Speed (Mbits/sec) 1000
Def. MAC addr 00-17-A4-77-10-18 Current MAC addr AA-00-04-00-02-08

Notice: Operating characteristics: Link Up, Full Duplex, (and below) Speed 1000Mb/s.
If Link is not up then you need to fix that first
OK So far. Now run TCPIP$CONFIG

$ @sys$manager:tcpip$config

Select Option 1 (Core)
Next menu, Select Option 1 (Domain)
-> Enter your domain name.
Same menu, Select Option 2 (Interfaces)
-> assign your IP address to the interface of your choice.

(Note: WE0=EWA0, WE1=EWB0, WE2=EWC0, etc.)

Return to first menu.
Select Option 2 (Client Options)
Next menu Select Option 8 (TELNET)
Select option to Start and Enable Service on this Node.
Return to first menu. EXIT.

Should be done.


Re: setup network on Openwms 8.3 Integrity

Thanks all done !!