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sftp and ssh on open VMS 7.1-2

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sftp and ssh on open VMS 7.1-2

hi !
we are looking to implement SFTP on Alpha openVMS 7.1-2 ,does 7.1-2 support SFTP ? if not what are our options ?

Thomas Ritter
Respected Contributor

Re: sftp and ssh on open VMS 7.1-2

If a VMS upgrade is out of the question, then do as we did and install Process Software SSH for OpenVMS. Support is good and prices cheap.

Here is a link

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: sftp and ssh on open VMS 7.1-2

> [...] does 7.1-2 support SFTP ?

A better question might be, "What is the
newest TCPIP version which can be used with
VMS V7.1-2, and does it support SFTP?"

I don't know the answers, but I'd expect some
documentation for various TCPIP versions to
be available on this new Inter-Web thing.
Honored Contributor

Re: sftp and ssh on open VMS 7.1-2

Since you ask for options... The best available option is the software upgrade; to move to a supported version of OpenVMS Alpha, and to a supported ssh and sftp.

This would be OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-2 or (since there are not particular kernel differences with V8.x) to the current V8.3 release.

(Operating on and maintaining older and unsupported product versions never gets easier; the trend is only toward more work and more effort and more cost.)

If maintaining V7.1-2 is a central and overriding goal here, then configure the Alpha behind a firewall gateway, and VPN into the gateway.