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software crash

Occasional Contributor

software crash

I had a multithread program and run normally long,but will crash sometime.I find it's working set and virtual pages increased quickly before die.why?
My openvms version is 7.3.and I use c++ to write posix thread code.
Travis Craig
Frequent Advisor

Re: software crash


Is there any error status code output by your program when it crashes? Is it crashing due to exhausting its virtual address space or page file quota, or is it already crashing and then using more virtual pages as part of crashing?

Are there exit handlers or exeception handlers that run? They could use a lot of memory from the heap, increasing the working set and virtual pages.

Checking your quotas, in general, might show you the answer to your problem.

--Travis Craig
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Volker Halle
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Re: software crash


if you could further define what you mean with 'crash' and if you could provide the output from any error message when your program 'crashes', maybe we could help better than with pure speculation.

If you run your program after a SET PROC/DUMP, do you get a process dump (imagename.DMP in current directory) ? Can you look at that process dump with ANAL/PROC imagename.DMP ?

Willem Grooters
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Re: software crash

Apart what the others already stated (both VERY true) this gives me some clue:

Since you use C++, just a wild guess:

If, within a loop, objects are created, and the loop runs wild at some point (due, for instance, by bad, or no, error handling) it may cause this problem. Quite likely you'll run out of virtualpagecount. It _might_ be (depending on your settings) that Accounting holds a clue as well.

There have been some issues with threading in the past - check for patches on threads (IIRC, the patches reqquired hold the string PTHREAD in the name) and install them.

Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
Jan van den Ende
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Re: software crash


Let me start with:

WELCOME to the VMS forum!

On your problem:

My openvms version is 7.3.

I strongly advise that you upgrade your OS!

When 7.3 was released, it was termed a "Evaluation Release - do not use for production".
And although my best guess is that Willem probably is right, the later versions of VMS (7.3-2 and 8.2 are now current) offer several improvements.


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