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system disk shadowing

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system disk shadowing

Hi everyone,


Is it worth to apply volume shadowing to system disk? What about paging and swapping in this case?

Jan van den Ende
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Re: system disk shadowing



If you are considering shadowing, then DEFINITELY shadow your system disk!


Page- & swapfile have several options.


-- with current memory sizes consider using the pagefile for swapping  (see system management manual) (and if you think you have not sufficient memory for that, at current pricing you should invest in it).


-- relocate page  file to another disk, preferably with VERY little other IO needs. SHADOW that as well!


-- seriously conider DOSD (Dump Off System Disk)  -  same manual


-- if however keep using your system disk as DUMP disk, then realise that SAVING your DUMPs requires special consideration, because if needed the actual dump ONLY goes to the shadow master (because dumping is SO low-level that it bypasses shadowing.






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Re: system disk shadowing

Indubitably yes.