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tcp/ip telnet issue

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Re: tcp/ip telnet issue


any other ip services affected such as ftp ?
is it possible to rename/recreate the host table ? this sort of error is sometimes caused by corruption in the host table usually caused by the stuff hoff was alluding to.
is routing the same as the other nodes ?

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Re: tcp/ip telnet issue

Expediency: RENAME your TCPIP$*.DAT files out of the way (or use BACKUP to copy the files into a saveset somewhere and delete the originals, or...), and re-invoke TCPIP$CONFIG, and recreate your databases and your configuration.

Re: tcp/ip telnet issue

> Running OpenVMS V7.3-2 and HP TCP/IP
> Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version
> V5.4 ECO 6

That version of TCP/IP Services suffers
from a BUG, and the symptoms of the
bug are exactly what you are seeing.
The system in question is not running
the BIND server, correct?

You need to either get the patch for
this specific problem, or just turn
on the BIND server. Or update to version


Re: tcp/ip telnet issue

Wait I meant the BIND RESOLVER, not the
Bind server! I always get those puppies backwards. Don't turn the Bind Server on!