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telnet localhost error

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telnet localhost error

Hello Every1,


iam using a Hp Tcp/Ip V5.4 Eco 6 with Vms 7.3-2. wheni try to telnet to any ip i get the following error.


$ telnet localhost
%TELNET-E-IVHOST, Invalid or unknown host localhost
-TCPIP-W-EAI_AGAIN, temporary failure


I did some research and it was advising on configurating the BIND Resolver,but before that i have to configure the Domain. when i configure the Domain, it gives me this error.


Enter Internet domain:
%TCPIP-E-INETERROR, internet interface error
-TCPIP-E-INVQUAL, invalid qualifier value for /LOCAL_HOST
-RMS-E-RNF, record not found
TCPIP$CONFIG ERROR: Error while generating valid domain name
Press Return to continue ...



Now i have 2 error, can someone please advise how to solve this two errors. it would be really great if also some1 would advise and help. Thanks.


Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: telnet localhost error

> I manage to get it fixed with you help. [...]

   I'm glad that you're happy, but I still have no idea what you did.

      tcpip show name_service
      tcpip show hosts /local
      tcpip show hosts /nolocal

> [...] when i configure the Domain [...]

   Again, it would be nice to know what you're doing.

Martin Vorlaender
Honored Contributor

Re: telnet localhost error

Your TCP/IP seems to be seriously misconfigured.


I think you would be better off by throwing away all of your current (mis-)configuration, and start over using only TCPIP$CONFIG.


The course of action would be:


- remove all TCPIP config files: $ DELETE SYS$SYSTEM:TCPIP$*.DAT;*







Re: telnet localhost error

Mr Martin and Steve,


I manage to solve this issue. this is what i did.


first i had to set the communication in the tcpip using the below


set configuration communication/local_host=xxxx /domain=xxxx       (local_host = the node name of your machine)


then i was able to add the Domain using @sys$manager:tcpip$ after all this was done, i then added the host to whom i wanted to telnet using


tcpip set host /address=ip address / alias = xxxxxxxx


after this i was able to telnet.


Hope this will help. Thanks for all the support been given.