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turn off printer messages in operator.log

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turn off printer messages in operator.log

Hi everyone
my operator.log file is filled with the following messages for lots of different printers:

TCPIP$TELNETSYM - open_socket_ast invoked with bad IOSB 660: connect to network object rejected

It makes it very hard when we have an issue to find what we are looking for in the file.
I was wondering if there is a way you can exclude these messages from being logged?

Your help is much appreciated
The Brit
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Re: turn off printer messages in operator.log

These messages can be useful. I used to have the same problem and discovered that it was because the queues were being pointed to an invalid IP address.

Removed the messages by correcting the IP address, or deleting the queue. (if the symbiont cant connect, then the queue is pretty useless anyway)

It is usually best to try to fix what is generating the messages rather than hide the messages.


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Re: turn off printer messages in operator.log

thanks dave - all the queues mentions were stalled, although they werer pingable.
Oswald Knoppers_1
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Re: turn off printer messages in operator.log

Yes the queues go to the stalled state because of the failed connects.

Maybe some other machine has a connection to these printers and fail to close the connection when done.

You have to examine on the printer.

For now, just stop the queue or delete the pending entries to stop getting the opcom messages.

John Gillings
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Re: turn off printer messages in operator.log


I agree with the others that the best approach is to fix the underlying problem.

If you really want to block TELNETSYM messages, you may be able to use:


This tells TELNETSYM not to talk to OPCOM. I don't think there's any granularity which would block just your open_socket messages, but not other, possibly useful messages.

You can tell OPCOM to block sending certain message classes to the log file (and/or block them from going to OPA0). See logical names OPC$LOGFILE_CLASSES and OPC$OPA0_CLASSES. Depending on the class of your TELNETSYM messages, you may be able to stop them from going to the log file, but still get them on an operator terminal. Be careful about what other messages you might be blocking! (See SYS$STARTUP:SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE for some details. System Manager's manuals for more.
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John McL
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Re: turn off printer messages in operator.log

T, the status of "stalled" is generated by VMS and indicates some malfunction with accessing the printer.

As someone else has mentioned, the printer might be being accessed by some other system. Do multiple systems share this printer?

You say that the device ping-able but ping is pretty simple. I suggest that you check the printer for what other systems might be using it, for an "offline" state, for compatibility with your symbiont, someone printing with a particular paper stock, no paper in the printer etc.

Is it a multi-function device (printer + fax + copier)? Did someone forget to reset it to "printer"?