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uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system

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uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system

how can i copy/upload files to OpenVMS system from a windows desktop?
Steven Schweda
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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system

It depends on the software running on the VMS
system. If it's running an FTP server, then
FTP should work. Not every FTP client program
can cope with the TCPIP FTP server on VMS.
I've used SmartFTP.
Mike Reznak
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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system


or you can use some product for file sharing. For example Advanced Server (Pathworks). But you have to buy this product.

...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world ;o)
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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system


If you have any terminal emulation software to connect to VMS system such as Reflections, Rumba, and Attchmate, you can use its FTP file transfer facility easily.

You can download evaluation version of the above softwares and can be used.

or there there are so many free windows FTP client software available in the net, you can use those, you can google to find FTP client software. there are few freeware FTP client software in this link, download and use it.
Most of them are menue based software, can be used easily.

The otherway, from C prompt,
c:\ftp vmssystem_name
username/password: enter username and password
FTP> now you are in VMS system
FTP> use cd command to go to any VMS (sub)directory,
FTP> cd dk600:[john]
FTP> get filename.txt -->to get single file
FTP> mget file*.* --> to get multiple file.

Transferring the whole directory facility is available with only few of the FTP software.

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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system

Another option that some people use is to run Samba on the VMS system. This works great for some. Others have issues with the security concerns that come with running Samba on VMS.

Samba, like Advanced Server/Pathworks turns your VMS system into a file share server for the PC network.


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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system

Here is some more info from the HP web site:

Content starts here

HP OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems to OpenVMS on Integrity servers application plans

The majority of applications running on HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems Version 7.2x are moving to OpenVMS on Integrity servers.

For a complete listing of applications moving to OpenVMS on Integrity servers, see the Software Public Rollout Reports for OpenVMS.

The following products will not move to OpenVMS on Integrity servers:

* Products not previously ported from VAX systems to AlphaServer systems
* Products retired or in the retirement process
o End of Support Life (EOSL) will occur prior to the release of OpenVMS on Integrity servers
* Products with clear replacement strategies
* Some products in (or moving to) Mature Product Support

HP Products with recent porting decisions (New! September 2005)

HP OpenVMS will deliver a Samba v3.0 evaluation release on HP Integrity servers in December 2005 and on AlphaServers in January 2006. An OpenVMS Samba v4.0 production release on AlphaServers and Integrity servers is planned for H2 2006.

Samba is the industry-standard open source file and print server that ships with most distributions of UNIX and Linux today. This up-to-date Samba offering on OpenVMS will provide numerous industry-standard features that the Advanced Server does not offer today, and will be supported by HP. OpenVMS will not port Advanced Server to Integrity servers. However, Advanced Server will continue to be supported on AlphaServer systems running OpenVMS.
Master you were right about 1 thing -- the negotiations were SHORT!
Martin Vorlaender
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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system



That version is waaay out of date. I'd only use it if I needed something for an old VAX/VMS system. The current source for Samba is

Peter Zeiszler
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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system

The simplest is to make sure that the OpenVMS system is running an FTP server. You will need an account on the VMS system that has permissions to write files.

This was suggested in another entry. The commands to put files into the VMS system are:
Open a Command Prompt on your Windows machine. Make sure you are in the directory that contains the files you want to send to the VMS system.

(your login screen will vary depending on the welcome messages that are in place)
c:\> ftp myVMS
ftp> username johndoe
password: ******
"user logged in"

(pwd will show you where you are)
ftp> pwd

(put will put a file onto the VMS system)
ftp> put thisfile.log
150 Opening data connection for DKA100:[JOHNDOE]THISFILE.LOG
226 Transfer complete.

(mput is used to put multiple files. This may send more files than you wanted)
ftp> mput *

If you want to see the ftp transfer going turn on hash. (at the ftp prompt type help hash for details) Hash is useful when transferring large files so that you can see the activitie.

You may also have to check if the file you are transfering is binary or ascii. You can switch between the modes. Some ascii files get real funky when transferring between windows and VMS.
Sebastian Bazley
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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system

Or create an ISO CD and mount that on the VMS system.

Or use Kermit.

For short text files, copy and paste.
Jan van den Ende
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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system


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Re: uploading/coping files to OpenVMS system

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