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vax/vms dtss time synchronization.

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vax/vms dtss time synchronization.

request help from the expert. my organisation having vax/vms6.2 with dtss for time synchronisation. we have two vax server with dual host configuration.The dtss running as dtss server in both vax server. I want to make only one vax sytem as dtss server and the other one as dtss clerk. I found that both net$dtss_server_startup.ncl and net$dtss_clerk_startup.ncl script available in both server.
kindly help me how to configure that one if dtss server than another be as dtss clerk or vice versa.
with regards.
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: vax/vms dtss time synchronization.


consider to move/rename NET$DTSS_SERVER_STARTUP.NCL into the SYS$MANAGER specific root [SYSn.SYSMGR] of the node, which should run as DTSS server.

DTSS$STARTUP.COM looks for the DTSS server NCL file first and invokes it if found. If not found, it invokes NET$DTSS_CLERK_STARTUP.NCL, which should be in SYS$COMMON:[SYSMGR]