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vms tcpip routing table error

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vms tcpip routing table error

alpha 7.3-2. need to make some changes to the routing table. Ran tcpip$config, core, routing
and there set a new default route address. It then took a long time, eventually returning rms-f-rdr, file read error, followed by system-w-dataoverun, data overrun.

How can I fix the routing table?

Any help greatly appreciated.
Ian Miller.
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Re: vms tcpip routing table error

Is your name resolution working?
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Steven Schweda
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Re: vms tcpip routing table error

> [...] Ran tcpip$config [...]

Is that all you did? My usual guess in cases
like this is that someone used a text editor
to damage an indexed file, like, say,

dire /full TCPIP$ROUTE

If it doesn't say things like :
File organization: Indexed, Prolog: 3, Using 2 keys
In 3 areas
then I'd throw it away, and try
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Re: vms tcpip routing table error

When Steven says "damage a file", keep in mind that it can be as "easy" as
not modify anything, but then
and not
to get out of the editor.

So you had an indexed file tcpip$route.dat;1 (for example), and now you have a sequential file

Can you post the result of the command

$ dir /fu sys$system:tcpip$route.dat;*
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Re: vms tcpip routing table error

Thanks for all the help guys. In the end, we had a problem with our "portknox" server that was blocking the ip address that I was trying to use, and I just paniced when I got that error.

Once the port was available for tcpip traffic, everything worked out O.K.

Thanks again.