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vsftpd and file permissions issue

Debbie Fleith
Regular Advisor

vsftpd and file permissions issue

We are running vsftpd-1.2.1-3E.6 and noticed a difference in file permission handling from earlier versions.
When we transfer a file remotely to this server and that file already exists, the permissions of the file are changing. We want the permissions of existing files to remain what they are already on the server as prior vsftpd versions treat them.

Our vsftpd.conf file has "local_umask=022" and we want new files to have permissions of 644. Its just that we don't want any permissions of files that are currently set to 600 changed to anything else.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: vsftpd and file permissions issue

You're in a VMS forum. On which OS are you
running "vsftpd"?

From what I hear, vsftpd-2.0.5 is the current
version, and vsftpd v1.2.2 has been available
since April 2004.



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Debbie Fleith
Regular Advisor

Re: vsftpd and file permissions issue

I should have posted this on the Linux forum. I'll close and repost. Thanks for pointing that out.