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who to boot

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wong seng guan
Frequent Advisor

who to boot

I have a RX2660 integrity server with 2 hard disk. running in openvms8.2

i did copy from disk to disk as below:
boot the DVD
select menu option 8
mount/over=id dka700:
mount/for dka800:
backup/image/log dka700: dka800:
select menu option 9
reboot openvms

my question is if the dka700 failure, can i shutting the server and just unplug the dka700 and pull out the dka800 hard disk and slot to dka700 slot and reboot? since both hard disk have same configuration

Jur van der Burg
Respected Contributor

Re: who to boot

Yes you can do that. And even better, you can create a boot entry to boot from dka800 directly without moving the drive. You can also create a shadowset of both drives so that you have no downtime in case of failure.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: who to boot

Hi Jason,
Just to expand on Jur's comments above.

When you have completed your Image Backup of DKA700 to DKA800,

1. dismount DKA800.
2. mount/override=id DKA800.
3. At $$$ prompt, type " set boot $1$dka800:" (assuming that ALLOCLASS is defaulting to "1". If not replace the "1" with your ALLOCLASS. Same in device name below."
4. run @sys$manager:Boot_Options
- Select 1 (Add)
- enter device name $1$dka800:
- enter boot flags
- enter position in boot list
- enter identifying comment.

Now shutdown. The new boot option should now appear in your boot menu with the "identifying comment" given above.

You should be able to boot directly from your new device (DKA800). (NOTE:: the "set boot" command will write a new boot block to the copy. Although this should NOT be required with an Image copy, I always do it just to be sure.

Hope this helps.

wong seng guan
Frequent Advisor

Re: who to boot

Hi Jur,

Thanks for respond.

1. shadoset same as mirroring?
2. do we need a licence for shadoset?
3. shadoset means any changes will automatic update to second hard disk?

Hi Dave,
after i done the commands you gave, does the menu comes out with 2 options dka700 and dka800 for i to choose the boot?

Honored Contributor

Re: who to boot

>1. shadoset same as mirroring?

Yes. Host-based volume shadowing is software disk mirroring is software RAID-1. Same thing.

> 2. do we need a licence for shadoset?

Yes. There are several different licenses that can enable some or all of host-based volume shadowing. The VOLSHAD license PAK or the OPENVMS-I64-EOE license PAK are probably the most common licenses for this purpose with OpenVMS I64.

>3. shadoset means any changes will automatic update to second hard disk?

Yes. Host-based volume shadowing supports three-member RAID-1 sets prior to OpenVMS V8.4, and reportedly will allow for a six-member RAID-1 set when V8.4 arrives. This is up to three identical members, or up to six identical members.

Given that the rx2660 series server also tends to arrive with an internal P-series hardware RAID controller, I would also encourage you to determine what options might be installed in this particular rx2660 box.

The OpenVMS manuals are here:

The volume shadowing manual is a standalone manual in the documentation set.

The rx2660 series hardware manuals are not at URLs I can easily provide. Start at and enter rx2660 in the search box. You should be able to locate the services and support page and the documentation from there.
wong seng guan
Frequent Advisor

Re: who to boot


Thanks for your info..