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window manager:always_on_top

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window manager:always_on_top

AFAIK, mwm does not support always_on_top functionality. Are there any other window managers for CDE that I can use on VMS and which support always_on_top?
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Re: window manager:always_on_top

AFAIK, there's no stock mechanism in the X protocol for establishing an application as always being on top.

It's also easily possible to get into a state where two or more applications are each clawing their way to the top of the display, and Bad Things then happen.

You can have a look at a tiling window manager, obviously.

Google finds...


The X Window managers and libraries available via VMS DECwindows are old, so you'll likely either be removing this requirement or will be rolling your own window manager port, and with all the other accouterments that are usually needed.