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Hello all,
I have a GS160 that is not responding at all from the console We can telnet into it fine though.
We need to shutdown the server to carry out an upgrade, but the customer will not let us shutdown unless he is sure he will be able to start it from the console. I suspsect the console parameter might be set to graphics, so I am wondering: Is there anyway to change the console from graphics to serial from within OpenVMS? (Like consvar in tru64). Also, I wonder if stopping the x-server will enable it to display the login prompt. Does anyone know how to do this? After it is stopped, does anyone know how I can start it again?

Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: x-server

I haven't worked on this type of machine but this may help you:

Stopping the X-server:

This may return to the $-prompt if DECWindows were running on OPA0.

Starting the X-Server:
$ @Sys$startup:DECW$STARTUP

Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
Honored Contributor

Re: x-server

I guess the equivalent of consvar is, when you have the >>> prompt
set console graphics
set console serial
Honored Contributor

Re: x-server

Hi Bona,
I suspect your customer will use server while you are upgrading software :-O
Change of console require shutdown of vms (no only decwindows).
Here you can find a old thread about decwindows sound like your trouble

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti
Frequent Advisor

Re: x-server

You must reset COM1 from SCM CLI.

Next commands use on console: 'ESC''ESC'SCM and on new promt like 'SLV' command CLEAR PORT (its clear port COM1), QUIT - Switch from SCM-CLI mode COM1 port. After this console must respond.
Martin P.J. Zinser
Honored Contributor

Re: x-server

Hello Bona,

if I remember correctly the GS160s came with a (crippled) version of Consoleworks from TECSys. What exactly are you trying to use as the "console" for your 160? Also you might want to
get in touch with TECSys to upgrade your Consoleworks version. I think they do have a free upgrade to the full Consoleworks product on offer right now for GS160 customers.

Their Website is

Greetings, Martin