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x25 address change at OPENVMS node

Sanjoy Paul

x25 address change at OPENVMS node

We have a node where vms 6.2 1H3 runs with X.25 the address set for the node is 11000170130

I need to change it to 11000230113 .

There is a single entry in the system disk for this string in one file in sys$sysroot:[sysmgr]x25_gwy_ldrx25.ncl

If i change the x.25 entry in this file , will it work ? A few lines of the file is pasted below .

Best regards,


create x25 protocol dte dte-0 profile "TWANET"
set x25 protocol dte dte-0 link service provider lapb link dte-0 , -
inbound dte class TWANET , x25 address 11000170130 , -
outgoing list [[1024..1087]] , minimum packet size 16 , -
maximum packet size 128 , default packet size 128 , -
minimum window size 1 , maximum window size 2 , default window size 2
Daniel Fernandez Illan
Trusted Contributor

Re: x25 address change at OPENVMS node


The file of X.25 startup is on SYS$STARTUP:X25$CONFIG.NCL. Check in if this file had a reference to sys$sysroot:[sysmgr]x25_gwy_ldrx25.ncl and does not exist in that file a sentence type:
create x25 protocol dte dte-0...

In this case you can change dte addres on file.

On line is possible to change dte address using:

$mc ncl
NCL>disable x25 protocol dte dte-0
NCL>set x25 protocol dte dte-0 x25 addres 11000230113
NCL>enable x25 protocol dte dte-0