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ADVFS: Assigning a unique fileset dev

Juan Canjura

ADVFS: Assigning a unique fileset dev

Hi all,

I just got this messages when I tried to move a couple of AdvFS physically located on an EMC-DMX and I've been trying to find some information related to this message with no luck. I even don't know if the messages are errors/warnings/info?

Once mounted, the filesystems are accessible with no problems and if you dismount/remount the FS, there are no more messages.

ADVFS: Assigning a unique fileset dev for BCVxxx#ORAxxx
ADVFS: This will result in stale NFS file handles
ADVFS: when this file set is re-mounted,
ADVFS: forcing NFS clients to re-mount.

If someone can shed some light here it will be greatly appreciated.

Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: ADVFS: Assigning a unique fileset dev

What is the OS/patch version? Can you explain the problem steps (with error messages) in detail? This would help us understand the problem better.
Juan Canjura

Re: ADVFS: Assigning a unique fileset dev

The OS/Patch level is T64V51BB26AS0005-20050502. The DMX (EMC box) has a set of Standard/BCV disks. The BCV disks are presented to one Alpha Server to make a copy of the database and then those disks are presented and mounted to another Tru64 box (same os/patch level) to generate all the reports, and tests on the database copy.

Only one server has access to the disks at a time.

The problem occurred when we tried to mount the disks on the second Tru64 box.

If you need more information, please let me know.