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AMS trouble

Occasional Contributor

AMS trouble

Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me out with this, because I'm really stuck and starting to get frustrated.

I'm trying to set up AMS. I've got it installed (5.2), latest java142-9, Tru64 5.1B-5, etc. To make things easier while I troubleshoot, I put "ptys" in /etc/securettys, so that root can log in from anywhere. root is a member of the amsuser group.

At the local console, I can launch stand-alone spm via the command line, and log in just fine as root. However, if I add a "standalone console", then choose one of the telnet options, the console window opens up and says "001 - Authentication failed."

... it gets worse...

If I try to launch the SPM remotely via a web browser, the application will launch, but when I try to log in, I enter the username/pw, and after ~2-3 minutes, I'll receive an error that says "Login Failed. Error message: You are not authorized to use this application. Please check the user name and password. If these are correct, exit the SysMan Station and re-run it. If this problem still persists, restart the SysMan Station daemons by typing: /sbin/init.d/smsd restart /sbin/init.d/smauth restart". I have tried that, and as I said above, can log in locally.

Additionally, I have a second user set up with SPM administrator privaleges, added to the amsuser group, etc, and I experience the same errors when logging in with that username/pw.

Especially considering that I have 'ptys' in /etc/securettys, I'm quite surprised at all the permission errors I seem to be getting. A read of the AMS user's guide suggests that on Tru64, I should basically be able to install the set, start the daemons, and go. Can someone tell me what I'm missing, or at least point me in the right direction to getting this working?

I'm assuming that there are enough sites using AMS. I'd really appreciate some comments from people who have gotten AMS working correctly in their production environments.

Many thanks in advance!!
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: AMS trouble

First i'd like to state I'm not familiar with AMS.

but it could be a DNS-related issue?
can the system resolve the clients hostname?
have you checked the auth.log file?

Occasional Contributor

Re: AMS trouble

Hi, and thanks for the reply.
No, it could not be a DNS issue, because I'm not using any. This group of machines goes by IP only (plus /etc/hosts). I'm accessing the AMS web application by the AMS host's IP address.

What auth.log are you referring to?

I did have a bit of a breakthrough though as I poked at this yesterday. On my Windows system, I disabled all the other JVM's I have installed, and installed 1.4.2_9 as the browser plugin java. Then, I was able to log in correctly via the web application.

So, apparently you absolutely MUST use Java 1.4.2 on your workstation to use AMS.

However, this does not resolve the "001 - Authentication Failed" message when trying to open terminal sessions. Has anyone here seen that issue before?

Many thanks!
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: AMS trouble

Hi there,
Good to hear you made some progress.

The auth.log I referred to can be found in /var/adm/syslog.dated/current/

some suggestions:
- Is it possible telnet is not allowed but only ssh ?
- Is only local users configured or maybe an LDAP server?