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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Advfs Domain panic - AdvfsIORetryControl Tru64 5.1B pk5

David McMullan_2
Occasional Contributor

Advfs Domain panic - AdvfsIORetryControl Tru64 5.1B pk5

The following error occured on three of our systems at the same time due to a failing disk in a mirrorset on a HSG80. One of the systems is a DS20 Firmware rev 6.9-1 running Tru64 5.1B PK5. The ACS version on the HSG is 8.7.

prodclus2 vmunix: AdvFS I/O error:
vmunix: Volume: /dev/disk/dsk19c
vmunix: Tag: 0xfffffff7.0000
vmunix: Page: 304
vmunix: Block: 71103008
vmunix: Block count: 16
vmunix: Type of operation: Write
vmunix: Error: 5
vmunix: EEI: 0x3400
vmunix: AdvFS initiated retries: 0
vmunix: Seconds from first I/O attempt to this failure: 12582917
vmunix: Total AdvFS retries on this volume: 0
vmunix: Current setting of AdvfsIORetryControl: 0
vmunix: Based on the error returned, it is possible
vmunix: that some small number of AdvFS initiated
vmunix: retries may allow this type of error to
vmunix: succeed.
vmunix: /sbin/sysconfig -q advfs AdvfsIORetryControl
vmunix: /sbin/sysconfig -r advfs AdvfsIORetryControl=nn
vmunix: nn == 0 - No AdvFS retries
vmunix: 1 to 9 - AdvFS will retry up to the
vmunix: specified number of times.
vmunix: This is in addition to any
vmunix: device driver retries.

Does anybody have any experience with this parameter or with this problem ?

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Advfs Domain panic - AdvfsIORetryControl Tru64 5.1B pk5


I have had this error before and I did as the error suggested. Use command with nn>0
/sbin/sysconfig -r advfs AdvfsIORetryControl = nn
The error is a write error and setting this parameter > 0 will advise AdvFS to retry nn times.