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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Boot disk copy

Steve Putnam
Occasional Contributor

Boot disk copy

I have been working with Solaris for years but not tru64,
I was wondering if anyone had a script that copied the boot disk to another disk??
Stiwi Wondrusch
Trusted Contributor

Re: Boot disk copy

He Steve

Yes there are scripts: clone-system-v1.2 on

Beside that:
The most important thing compared to Solaris: In Tru64 a disk gets a diskname (/dev/disk/dsk7c) based on the Serial Number of the disk. You can move around a disk in a System and it keeps this diskname. It does not depend on the position on the SCSI Bus.

rgds Stiwi
Frequent Advisor

Re: Boot disk copy

Use btcreate of root disk on a tape and you can btextract on any system. You can take a btctreate of other mounted filesets also.

Chk. man 8 btcreate and btextract scripts.

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Boot disk copy

Problem is related to hardware and device database leading to new device renumbering. Please read the admin guide of Tru64 for more information!

The only way to get a backup is via btcreate, but if you replace the boot disk WWID may change depending on your hardware configuration leading to problems in later steps. Why not simple using RAID1 functionality and creating a backup via btcreate?

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Devesh Pant_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Boot disk copy

I can give you some simple steps that can be used to clon a boot disk

Assumptions: The boot disk is not LSM mirrored

a. Identify a same type (size) of disk for cloning say original is dsk0 and the clone is dsk1
b. Read the disklabel of existing boot disk to a file
#disklabel â r dsk0 > /tmp/dsk0.label
c. Disklabel the clone using command
#disklabel â R â r â t advfs dsk1 dsk0.label

d. Create the root domain and fileset on the clone
#mkfdmn /dev/disk/dsk0a root_clone_dmn
#mkfset root_clone_dmn root
mkdir /clone_root
#mount root_clone_dmn#root /clone_root

e. After this you can do a vdump of the existing root partition on the clone disk
vdump -0 -f - / | vrestore -x -f - -D /clone_root

repeat steps d. and e for /usr and /var if they are on the same disk as separate partitions
After this you can boot off of the clone disk.

If the root disk is in LSM mirror, you can go into /clone_root/etc/fdmns/root_domain and change the link to the plain disk instead of the LSM volume
# ln -s /dev/disk/dsk1a

and similarly for the /usr and /var if separate
That should be good enough to boot
there might be some cleanup required for lsm in the /etc/sysconfigtab file after yo
Stephen White_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: Boot disk copy

If you follow the procedure posted above make sure you don't use the mkfdmn command on dsk0a as stated, as this is your current root partition.