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Can't Find /src/usr/ccs/lib/libmld/ldfcn.c

Hemesh Dogiparthi
Occasional Contributor

Can't Find /src/usr/ccs/lib/libmld/ldfcn.c

Hello Everyone

I am trying to call a java stored procedure from within a oracle DB. I get this error message

Assertion failed: LSYMHEADER(ldptr)->plinefd = (pLINER) calloc(cbLINER,LPHDR(ldptr)->ilineMax), file ../../../../../../src/usr/ccs/lib/libmld/ldfcn.c, line 610

When i try to look up for this file in the directory, i dont find it. However i saw a file with the name libmld.a in /usr/lib directory.

Can someone help me.

Han Pilmeyer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Can't Find /src/usr/ccs/lib/libmld/ldfcn.c

You are not supposed to have that file. It's a reference to one of the source files that is used to build libmld.a.

I'm not sure what this error means, but since the assert fails on something which contains a calloc() you may want to check memory usage. I think the library is related to dynamic loading of libraries, but I could be very wrong. So again that is something that you may want to check into.