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Change wtmp

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Change wtmp

Question> How to change wtmp to something else.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
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Re: Change wtmp


into a dog?

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Re: Change wtmp

Nope, Not necessarily into a dog. But a maintenance proc other than the normal accounting one.

Aside from the one I use:

The following example converts the /var/adm/wtmp binary file records to ASCII records:

# /usr/sbin/acct/fwtmp < /var/adm/wtmp
system boot 0 20000 0000 652547412 Jan 5 11:10:12 1994
system boot 0 10062 0123 652547412 Jan 5 11:10:12 1994
bcheck bl 6 80000 0000 652547413 Jan 5 11:10:13 1994
cat cr 16 80000 0000 652547414 Jan 5 11:10:14 1994
rc rc 17 80000 0000 652547485 Jan 5 11:11:25 1994
hoffman co console 147 70000 0001 652547495 Jan 5 11:11:35 1994
hoffman p4 pty/ttyp4 2156 80000 0002 652650095 Jan 6 15:41:35 1994
LOGIN p4 pty/ttyp4 2140 60000 0000 652649075 Jan 6 15:24:35 1994
LOGIN p4 pty/ttyp4 2140 80000 0000 652649086 Jan 6 15:24:46 1994

To correct a /var/adm/wtmp file:

Change your working directory to /var/adm/acct/nite.

Use the fwtmp command to create an ASCII version of the wtmp file.

# fwtmp < wtmp.0617 > wtmp_temp

Edit the temporary file and remove the corrupted records.

Use the fwtmp command to recreate the wtmp file.

# fwtmp -ic < wtmp_temp > wtmp.0617


By the way. This was just off the wall question.
Mic V.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Change wtmp


Hmm, I guess I'm not seeing exactly where you're going. The answer to "how to turn it into something else" is, I think, "programming." But I doubt that's exactly the answer you wanted! :-)

Were you talking about some kind of statistical analysis of logins, Excel format, ...? Automation of the tasks listed?

What kind of a name is 'Wolverine'?