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DS10 Clock Drift

Regular Advisor

DS10 Clock Drift

Hi Gurus

I need to know the clock drift of DS10 server.
This server is used as NTP server.
Thanks for your quick replies as usual.

Ian McKerracher_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: DS10 Clock Drift

Hello Horace,

The following text has been taken from the OpenVMS FAQ document. I hope that it helps.

"ALPHA17. What is the Accuracy of the Alpha Time of Year (BB_WATCH) Clock?

The specification for maximum clock drift in the Alpha hardware clock is 50 ppm, that's less than +/-.000050 seconds of drift per second, less than +/-.000050 days of drift per day, or less than +/-.000050 years of drift per year, etc. (eg: An error of one second over a day-long interval is roughly 11ppm, or 1000000/(24*60*60).) Put another way, this is .005%, which is around 130 seconds per month or 26 minutes per year.

The software-maintained system time can drift more, primarily due to other system activity. Typical causes of drift include extensive high-IPL code (soft memory errors, heavy activity at device IPLs, etc) that are causing the processing of the clock interrupts to be blocked."



Regular Advisor

Re: DS10 Clock Drift

Thanks man.
This will help a lot

I will let u know if i need anything else

Best Regards