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Regular Advisor


Does HP DS10 USB port support USB disk?
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: DS10

I believe USB support is limited to mouse & keyboard.

The DS10 would support a drive, but there is no software for it.

Google for: +usb +tru64
This quickly found:

Which confirms.


Occasional Advisor

Re: DS10


I noticed that at the back of the DS10, there are 2 USB ports. Is VMS able to recognize them and if it does, what would be the device names?
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: DS10

> [...] DS10, there are 2 USB ports. Is VMS
> able [...]

This would best be pursued in its own thread
in the proper forum, but it depends on the
USB chip. As I recall, the built-in USB
chips on most older systems are not (but the
one in the XP1000 is now?), but for about $10
you can get a cheap Chinese PCI-USB card with
a supported NEC chip.

It's not entirely bug-free, and the number of
formally supported devices is pretty small,
but "not supported" and "not working" are
different, and there seems to be much more
effort going into USB on VMS than there is on
Tru64. Between the informal support for
devices not on the official list, and the
hooks available for user-written device
handlers, I find it pretty hard to complain