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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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DS15 Disk Problem Would not Boot Up


DS15 Disk Problem Would not Boot Up

Hi Guys,

I have a DS15 machine which has disk problem or somehow could not see the disk. I am only able to access it remotely.
When I tried to do show devices it outputs below and also it would not boot.
>>>show device
dqa0. DQA0 HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4482 2.01
dva0.0.0.1000.0 DVA0
eia0. EIA0 00-17-08-CE-D6-F3
eib0. EIB0 00-17-08-CE-D6-F2
pka0. PKA0 SCSI Bus ID 7
pkb0. PKB0 SCSI Bus ID 7
>>>show bootdef_dev
bootdef_dev dka0. dka100.
>>>boot dka0

OpenVMS PALcode V1.98-6, Tru64 UNIX PALcode V1.92-7

*** keyboard not plugged in...
starting console on CPU 0
initialized idle PCB
initializing semaphores
initializing heap
initial heap 240c0
memory low limit = 1c4000 heap = 240c0, 17fc0
initializing driver structures
initializing idle process PID
initializing file system
initializing timer data structures
lowering IPL
CPU 0 speed is 1000 MHz
create dead_eater
create poll
create timer
create powerup
access NVRAM
2048 MB of System Memory
Testing Memory
probe I/O subsystem
starting drivers
entering idle loop
initializing GCT/FRU at 1e6000
Initializing dqa dqb eia eib pka pkb
Memory Testing and Configuration Status
Array Size Base Address Intlv Mode
--------- ---------- ---------------- ----------
0 2048Mb 0000000000000000 1-Way

2048 MB of System Memory
Testing the System
Testing the Network
AlphaServer DS15 Console V6.7-2, built on Apr 23 2004 at 08:54:37

CPU 0 booting

device dka0 is invalid
usage is boot [-file ] [-flags ]
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: DS15 Disk Problem Would not Boot Up


It would appear that you don't have a disk device connected to SCSI card PKA0, or if there is its not functioning.

The output of "show config" might show you some more information...

If dka0 used to work, I'd suggest you have a hardware fault of some form.

Hope this helps,