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Destroy a voldg

Destroy a voldg

I hv a LSM diskgroup containing several LUN assigned from storage. Now i dont want the DG any more. How can i destroy the voldg so that no LSM info should stay in those luns?
I dont want to deport the DG. It is not rootdg.
Pls help
Orjan Petersson
Frequent Advisor

Re: Destroy a voldg

Something like the following should work.

unmount any filesystems using the volumes in the disk group
# umount ...

stop the volumes in the disk group
# volume -g disk_group stop volname
# volume -g disk_group stopall

remove the volumes
# voledit -g disk_group -rf rm volname

deport the disk group
# voldg deport diskgroupname

A "voldisk list" will show the disks as not belonging to a disk group
(but they are still under control of LSM)
# voldisk list
# voldisk rm diskaccessname

Check the disklabel for the underlying disks and reinitialize if necessary:
# disklabel -r dskXX
# disklabel -rw dskXX

Re: Destroy a voldg

I have a IBM ESS800 storage & 11 luns of that storage was in the use of 1st Tru64 unix server ofer SAN & was a part of voldg. Now i want to destroy the LSM info in those luns & want to use those luns in the 2nd tru64 server in the same SAN in a new voldg.
I applied all the steps mentioned by Petersson to remove the LSM info of 1st server & made all the 11 luns visible in 2nd server. But when i perform DD on the luns i am getting the following message in 2nd server
whale /DSKumar/22-06-2006#dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rdisk/dsk610c
dd write error: Read-only file system
1+0 records in
0+0 records out
It is not allowing to write disklabel also on it. Where if i bring these luns back to 1st server then i can write disklabel on each lun.
I feel there may be some metadata left in the luns which is allowing us to reuse those luns.
Pls help
Orjan Petersson
Frequent Advisor

Re: Destroy a voldg

I do not know anything about the IBM ESS 800 but can't you just delete and re-create the LUNs?
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Destroy a voldg


you can not to the first 16 blocks. They contain disk internal data. You will have to skip them when using dd.