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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Error : sys.unix.fs.advfs.fset.backup.unlock

Super Advisor

Error : sys.unix.fs.advfs.fset.backup.unlock

Hi all,

Noticed this error in my vdump log :

vdump: Status at Fri Aug 4 23:30:28 2006
vdump: Dumped 4833557141 of 4833826811 bytes; 100.0% completed
vdump: Dumped 618 of 618 directories; 100.0% completed
vdump: Dumped 22450 of 22450 files; 100.0% completed
vdump: Dump completed at Fri Aug 4 23:30:28 2006
vdump: error [34] posting event: sys.unix.fs.advfs.fset.backup.unlock
The name of the modified device is /dev/ntape/tape0
path : /oracle/stage/817_64
dev/fset : sap_dmn#oracle_817
type : advfs
advfs id : 0x3c731801.000809af.12
vdump: error [34] posting event: sys.unix.fs.advfs.fset.backup.lock
vdump: Date of last level 0 dump: the start of the epoch
vdump: Dumping directories
vdump: Dumping 1048117637 bytes, 1733 directories, 3161 files
vdump: Dumping regular files

Has anyone encountered this error before? Also, I've noticed that /usr directory has reached 100%. could it be due to the advfs error?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks & regards
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Error : sys.unix.fs.advfs.fset.backup.unlock

I'm guessing it's more a cause than a symptom. Do you have /var installed under /usr? If so and you're not doing enough clean-up, the EVM facility won't be able to log events any more - hence the error you're seeing. Just a shot in the dark...
Victor Semaska_3
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Error : sys.unix.fs.advfs.fset.backup.unlock


I usually see this error when I do vdumps in single-user mode. It's because the evmd daemon isn't running. So I think Mark is correct on this.

Do you see evmd running?

There are 10 kinds of people, one that understands binary and one that doesn't.
Super Advisor

Re: Error : sys.unix.fs.advfs.fset.backup.unlock

Hi Mark & Victor,

Thanks for your reply.

I have rebooted the server and did the vdump again and the error isn't there anymore.

Unfotunately, I didn't check if evm daemon was running before the reboot. When I check now, I see that it is running. :(

Also the problem with the /usr & /var reaching 100%, any ideas about that?

Both these directory is in it's own domain and I'm not able to find what is causing the growth. I found some core files and I've deleted them but still the percentage has not gone down.

I'm thinking some log files are growing but I'm not able to find them :(

Victor Semaska_3
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Error : sys.unix.fs.advfs.fset.backup.unlock


If quotas are enabled (userquota,groupquota in /etc/fstab), I'd 1st make sure the quota database isn't corrupt with the command:

# quotacheck -av

If that doesn't help I'd then look for large files with the command:

# find /usr -xdev -size +1000k -exec ls -s {} \; | sort -k1,1nr | more

This will find files 1MB or larger and list the largest ones 1st. You can adjust the size of files to look for with the -size option.

Finally I'd look for directories with lots of small files using lots of space.

# find /var -xdev -type d -exec du -sk {} \; | sort -k1,1nr | more

Note the sizes are in KBs. Also, if those disks have lots of files in them then the commands will take awhile to run.

There are 10 kinds of people, one that understands binary and one that doesn't.