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Errors when adding memory

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Errors when adding memory

I have an ES45 with (1) 4Gb kit. When I try to add an addition 4Gb kit (in MMB1 & MMB3), they DIMMS fail powerup diagnostics. I'm sure that I'm installing the DIMMs in there appropriate slots and I swapped the MMB's but the errors are staying consistant with slots MMB1 & MMB3. I'm assuming that the memory and MMB's (memory riser cards) are O.K. because there work fine in slots MMB0 & MMB2. I can see the DIMMs in the FRU table but the system doesn't show they memory when I type >>>sho mem. I've tried upgrading (and downgrading) the firmware and that doesn't appear to make any difference either. I'm drawing straws at this point.

Has anyone come across this problem before?

Please help,

Ralf Puchner
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Re: Errors when adding memory

Configuration rules
The system can contain up to 16 DIMMs (Model 1B) or up to 32 DIMMs (Models 2, 2B, and 3B).
An option consists of a set of 4 DIMMs. All 4 DIMMs must be installed to populate a set.
Fill sets in numerical order. Populate all 4 slots in Set 0, then populate Set 1, and so on.
An ???array??? is one set for systems that support 16 DIMMs (Model 1B).
An "array" is two sets for systems that support 32 DIMMs (Models 2, 2B, and 3B).
DIMMs in an array must be the same capacity and type.
For example, suppose Sets 0, 1, 2, and 3 are populated.
When Set 4 is populated, the DIMMs must be the same capacity and type as those installed in Set 0.
Similarly, Set 5 must be populated with DIMMs of the same capacity and type as are in Set 1, and so on, as indicated in the following table.
A memory option consists of a ???set??? of four DIMMs.
The system supports two sets per ???array??? and four arrays per system.

Stacked and unstacked DIMMs can be mixed within the system, but not within an array.
The DIMMs within an array must be of the same capacity and type (stacked or unstacked) because of different memory addressing.
When installing sets 0, 1, 2, and 3, an incorrect mix will not occur.
When installing sets 4, 5, 6, or 7, however, you must ensure that the four DIMMs being installed match the capacity and type of DIMMs in the existing array. If necessary, rearrange DIMMs for proper configuration.

1 GB 20-L0FBA-09 MS620-DA (4 GB) (Model 2 only)
1 GB 20-00FBA-09 MS620-DB (4 GB ??? Models 1B, 2B, and 3B)

(origin: ES45 memory configuration guide)
Help() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }
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Re: Errors when adding memory

Thanks for the common knowledge reply, but I'm well aware of how to install the memory. I'm looking for anyone that may have came across the same errors as I, when properly configuring the memory.
Alexey Borchev
Regular Advisor

Re: Errors when adding memory

I had similar problem with faulty DIMM.

I would try to:
- Call for service ingeneer, if possible.

Otherwise to play around to locate problem.
- to relax and inspect memory configuration rools again. I was making mistakes there. There is a memo on the inner side of Alpha case cover.

- try to remove old memory and install only new DIMMS instead of old. (in case of faulty DIMM)

- Try to swap MMB0,2 with MMB1,3 (in case of failty MMB)

If swapping MMB's & DIMMS does not help - it's motherboard :-(((

Imho, It's unlikely firmware.

There are 3 useful commands in SRM for testing memory (after You will see it in show mem)

The fire follows shedule...