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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Extending the File Sysem

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Indrajit Bhagat
Regular Advisor

Extending the File Sysem

Hi All I am totally new in tru64 unix OS, and as of now i had a task of extending the file system vfnla01t:#vfnla01t:#df -k . Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on bis_prd_dm#bis2prod 512000 512000 0 100% /home/bis2prod vfnla01t:#showfdmn bis_prd_dm Id Date Created LogPgs Version Domain Name 42679927.000ab3af Thu Apr 21 14:14:31 2005 512 4 bis_prd_dm Vol 512-Blks Free % Used Cmode Rblks Wblks Vol Name 1L 1418313728 363849824 74% on 512 512 /dev/vol/appldg/bis2prd_vol Currently the above file system is 100% full, and i need to extend it, I appreicate all, to suggest me the steps to extend the file sysetm.
Indrajit Bhagat
Regular Advisor

Re: Extending the File Sysem

Hi all


I had resolved my porblem by using sysman utility.