Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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File Systems

Fahad Imran Butt
Occasional Contributor

File Systems

how many types of File Systems do we have on TRU64 Unix.
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: File Systems

The supported file systems are as fol lows:

advfs - Advanced File System (AdvFS)

ufs - UNIX File System (UFS)

nfs - Network File System (NFS)

mfs - Memory file system (RAM Disk) See mfs(8)

cdfs - ISO 9660 CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read Only Memory) File System. See

dvdfs - DVD-ROM (Digital Versatile Disk, Read-only) File System. See
dvdfs(4). This option mounts DVD-ROM disks formatted in the Universal
Disk Format (UDF).

dfs - DCE Distributed File System

efs - DCE Episode File System

fdfs - File Descriptor File System (used by streams)

ffm - File on File Mounting File System (used by streams)

procfs - Process File System (used by debuggers)

pcfs - PC File System

sysv - System V File System