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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Filesystem space problem with usr domain

Valued Contributor

Filesystem space problem with usr domain

The OS is Tru64 Unix 4.0F with PK8.
The df command told us it used up to 16G and only about 7G available as followings for usr domain.
# df -k
Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on
root_domain#root 533160 107867 415200 21% /
/proc 0 0 0 100% /proc
usr_domain#usr 23459208 16310417 7148791 70% /usr
oracle_domain#oracle 6253224 2182353 4027576 36% /oracle

However, when used vdf and showfdmn utility to show usr domain capacity, it only used 10% space(about 2G). Also with du command.
# /sbin/advfs/vdf usr_domain
Domain 512-blocks Metadata Used Available Capacity
usr_domain 46918426 101230 32620834 42430592 10%

# showfdmn usr_domain

Id Date Created LogPgs Domain Name
38c6a1a9.000171d0 Thu Mar 9 02:53:29 2000 512 usr_domain

Vol 512-Blks Free % Used Cmode Rblks Wblks Vol Name
1L 7146266 6461792 10% on 128 128 /dev/re0g
2 6217728 5623136 10% on 128 128 /dev/re1b
3 33554432 30345664 10% on 128 128 /dev/vol/newdg/rusr03
---------- ---------- ------
46918426 42430592 10%

So how can we recover the space for usr domain? A 16G backup needs to use the available space in usr domain.

Thanks for your attentation.

Attachement is session log for those command.

Guo ShangZhong
Martin Moore

Re: Filesystem space problem with usr domain

df is known to have problems with AdvFS domains. There is no real fix for this problem, and in fact it's why the vdf program was created. vdf and showfdmn are trustworthy for AdvFS, but df is not. One alternative is simply to ignore the df number. But if your backup program uses df to determine the amount of free space, you'll have to do one of the following:

1. Modify the backup program to look at the output of vdf or showfdmn instead.

2. Put the backup somewhere other than /usr.

3. Try to get the df numbers more nearly correct. Sometimes this can be done by running quotacheck against a filesystem. To try this, make sure that the /etc/fstab entry for /usr includes the userquota and groupquota options. (If it doesn't, add them and then unmount and remount /usr when you can go to single-user mode.) Then run "quotacheck -v /usr". This may help, but it is not guaranteed to work.

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Re: Filesystem space problem with usr domain

Thanks for your reply.
There are no special backup program, just oracle export. the export file was saved in this directory. don't know if oracle export command use df to calc the free space of file system.

I will try to use quotacheck to fix it in next system down time.

Guo ShangZhong