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Firefox icon

Bengt Nilsson_2
Regular Advisor

Firefox icon

I just installed Firefox for tru64 on my 5.1B-4 machine.
Works fine, except that I would like to have the firefox icon in the "dock", just like I had the Netscape icon before.
I have not been able to find any .pm or .bm icons in the firefox kit.
Any suggestions where to find it, or how to convert the modern icons (xpm and png) to something compatible?

Bengt Nilsson_2
Regular Advisor

Re: Firefox icon

Just found out how to do it, no help needed.
The /usr/dt/appconfig/icons/C/name.(l,m,t).pm are just xpm files.
I made symlinks from /usr/opt/firefox/icons/mozicon*.xpm to Mozilla.(l,m,t).pm.
However, I had to create a mozicon32.xpm for the Mozilla.m.pm since this variant did not exist.