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HBA for Alpha Server

joon choi
Occasional Visitor

HBA for Alpha Server

Does anyone know 3rd party fiber HBA card vendor for Alpha GS140?
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Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: HBA for Alpha Server

You don't want to go there. You want proper drivers, proper firmware, proper support.

What problem are you trying to solve ($$$ ?)

The supported HBA family is called 'KGPSA'.
There are various models and flavours, as detailed below. They are all Emulex controllers, but often (always!) with specific firmware and validated and tested in the Alpha environment. Even if you can get the underlying Emulex say at a lower price, imho it is not worth the (incompatibility) risk.

FCA2384 (KGPSA-EA) 302784-B21 Emulex LP9802, 2 Gb, 64-Bit/133 MHz PCI-X-to-Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter for Tru64 and OpenVMS

FCA2354 (KGPSA-DA) 64-Bit/66 MHz PCI-to-Fibre 261329-B21 /258984-001 Emulex LP9002L

KGPSA-BC 401918-001 (29-34402-01) Emulex Model/LP7000.

Good luck,
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: HBA for Alpha Server


I know it is a PC practise to install every available adapter, but in an enterprise environment there is a list containing all supported adapters for a specific machine (supported option list).

If you have any question about it, call your local support center and ask for a list.

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