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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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How to add a new mirrorset to unix 4.0g

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How to add a new mirrorset to unix 4.0g

I have a unix 4.0g system with a HSZ70 controller. I need to add a new mirrorset to this system. I know how to configure the HSZ70, my question is on the process to make the disk visible to the OS. Is it simply a case of doing a mkdev and re-building the kernal. Thanks for your help.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: How to add a new mirrorset to unix 4.0g


once you have added a unit on the controller, a
scu scan edt
scu show edt
should should show the disk(s)

I am not sure, whether you will need a MKDEV of whether scu takes care of that. But a reboot should do that anyway.


Abdul Rahiman
Esteemed Contributor

Re: How to add a new mirrorset to unix 4.0g

# scu scan edt
should scan the bus and create the deive files.
If not created, use MAKEDEV.

You don't need to rebuild the kernel for this.
Once you have your rz device files created, you have to do disklabel to partition the disk.
# disklabel -rw rz?? "HSZ70" (pls. check the syntax..)

No unix, no fun

Re: How to add a new mirrorset to unix 4.0g

Thanks for the help guys. As you say the OS picks up the new mirrorset following the boot. Which I verified using the scu command you guys informed me of, also as you say the device files were created by scu during the boot phase. I would only have needed to rebuild the kernel if I'd added a new controller. Once again thanks for the help.