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How to boot to single mode with CDROM?

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Regular Advisor

How to boot to single mode with CDROM?

The cdrom is mka500.
How to boot to single mode whit OS CD ?

Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: How to boot to single mode with CDROM?

Sorry, but the "mka500" syntax is the indication for a tape-drive. The CD-ROM is either representrd by DKA500 or DQA0.

To boot from it towards single user mode use:

>>>b -fl s dka500

If/when after that, the installation GUI comes up, use the "File" pulldown menu and select 'Quit', which brings you to the shell prompt.

If the intention of this CD-boot is to overwrite an existing installation, then remember to first >>>set bootdef_dev "".


Regular Advisor

Re: How to boot to single mode with CDROM?

Johan , Thanks a lot ...
In fact, I want to use vdump and vrestore utilities to repair the usr&var domain .
below is the procedure:

Original system disk is rz16. data_domain#data (/dev/rz17c) is another filesystem which big enough to hold all the system dump file.
Make a valid system full backup

1) vdump -0uf /data/root.dmp /
2) vdump -0uf /data/usr.dmp /usr
3) vdump -0uf /data/var.dmp /var

recreate the system advfs.

1) boot system to single mode with cdrom.
2)mkfdmn /dev/rz16a root_domain
mkfset root_domain root
mkfdmn /dev/rz16g usr_domain
mkfset usr_domain usr

3)mkdir /etc/fdmns/data_domain (mount the data_domain filesystem.
cd /etc/fdmns/data_domain
ln -s /dev/rz17c
mkdir /var/mnt
mount data_domain#data /var/mnt

4)restore the whole operating systemâ s filesystem.

1) mount root_domain#root /mnt
2) vrestore -xvf /var/mnt/root.dmp
3) umount /mnt
4) mount usr_domain#usr /mnt
5) vrestore -xvf /var/mnt/usr.dmp

after I finish these ,should I still need to set the >>>set bootdef_dev?

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: How to boot to single mode with CDROM?


as Johan said, it is only necessary in case of a new installation from cd.

show dev on console prompt shows the devices and the cd you can recognize by CD-... or RR..D