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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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How to change monitor of a tru 64 unix

How to change monitor of a tru 64 unix

I have a Compaq ES40 Server with Compaq Digital monitor.
the monitor has gone down....
I want to replace the monitor with a Samsung 17" monitor.

How to do..

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: How to change monitor of a tru 64 unix

Change the Resolution and Refresh rate on CDE GUI

1) Login to the system as "root".

2) Check to see if the directory /etc/dt/config exists, if not create



# mkdir /etc/dt/config

# chmod 755 /etc/dt/config

3) Copy the Xservers file from the path /usr/dt/config to the path



# cp /usr/dt/config/Xservers /etc/dt/config/Xservers

4) Edit the file /etc/dt/config/Xservers and add the appropriate

Option, "-screen0" and or "-vsync0" to the line that starts the

This line is generally the last line in the file Xservers.

Example line from the Xservers file used with CDE:

:0 Local local@console /usr/bin/X11/X :0 -screen0 1280x1024

Xserver Options:

-screen[screen] WxH

Set screen (W)width and (H)height.

-vsync[screen] Hz

Set screen (Hz) Vertical refresh rate

NOTES on adding Xserver options

These are device dependent Xserver options and not available for ALL

graphics options please refer to the Graphics options

Guide for supported Resolutions and Refresh Rates.

Both the Width and Height should be specified in the "-screen" option

not just the Width. On some Xserver graphics devices setting ONLY the

will cause the Xserver to fail.

The [screen] number need not be specified if only 1 screen exists or if

user wants all screens to use the same values. The [screen] value is

'0' as shown in the example below.

Example: -screen0 1280x1024
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